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Flower Review

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For $9.99 CAD you can download ThatGameCompany’s Flower from the PlayStation Network store. As a fan of all things beautiful, unique and cheap, I embarked on the nature filled journey. What I took away from this “artsy fartsy” title may not gel with the expectations of others, but that’s to be expected; Flower isn’t your typical game.

Grass has never looked as good as it does in this bite sized experiment. The keys to Flower’s eye catching appearance were its exceptionally clean 1080p visuals and striking use of color. With the touch of a flower petal a gloomy field suddenly exploded into a picture perfect wonder of nature. It’s this transformation that attributed to Flower’s tone of release and change. Or at least that what I perceived it to be.

Just like with their last game, flOw, the developers decided to take a minimalistic approach to player interaction. The SIXAXIS was used to navigate while button presses were assigned the task of acceleration. In Flower, I was essentially the wind and using the SIXAXIS to swoop and surge across the grassy plains was as natural as they come. There weren’t many lines of verbatim to wade through. No cheesy lines of dialogue to endure. It was just visual imagery and audio cues to convey the message.

And what was that message?

For me, Flower was about escaping the busy life of the urban jungle and appreciating the simple life and game once again. Flying through the sky with a tail of petals and the smorgasbord of revitalization all around me was a serene experience. Breathing life back to the world was as easy as blowing off the loose petals of a flower. The perfectionist within me wanted to brush over every single flower on the field, however I found it more enjoyable to dive in head first and just do what came naturally; behave like the wind. Slowing down and making sudden U-turns may help unlock a Trophy or two, but it disrupted momentum far too often.

If you’re reading this review and was turned off by what I’ve described, this game isn’t for you at all. If I piqued your interest, even slightly, I urge you to act on that impulse and experience the game for yourself. Grab a copy of Flower, sit back, relax and just enjoy the simplicity. It may not resonate with you immediately, but with some time, I’m sure you’ll find an experience worthy of the price of admission.

Highly Recommended

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