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Checkpoint: Killzone 2 Hyping Edition


This gorgeous PlayStation 3 first person shooter debuted last Friday, February 27th, but unless you went out of your way to order it from local shops or online shops who’re on the ball, you won’t be playing this until some time this week.

I know some of you out there may not have gone out and sought info on Guerilla Games’ latest work, so I’ve gone out of my way to bring the info to you.

An Official Thread of Info

First up, an excellent official thread from NeoGAF’s MGS4 thread creator, BruceLeeRoy. Lots of great info here for those who wish to learn more about the backstory of the Killzone universe. I don’t believe it’s vital, but it is an interesting read if you’re into intergalactic colonization and humanity’s inability to play nice.

Multiplayer Class Videos

No better way to discover what each of the multiplayer classes entails than through a video or six. You may have seen these posted through my Twitter already, but just in case you missed it.


[gametrailers 45912]


[gametrailers 45938]


[gametrailers 46005]


[gametrailers 45985]


[gametrailers 46049]


[gametrailers 46061]


Finally, here’s the official TV ad for Killzone 2. This ad will be made “playable” this month. Nothing says in-game footage like a playable ads.

Persona 4 is essentially complete. I’m working on the write up on it. It took me just under sixty hours to complete the game.

I’ve also caved an picked up a copy of Street Fighter IV (PS3) for $59.99 CAD at Rogers this weekend. My Amazon.ca order is still active since I still want that Collector’s Edition and its ‘goodies’.

I’m giving up on the “U.S. NPD Hardware Sales Watch” feature. It was a nice distraction and side project, but it’s just not that fascinating anymore. Of course, I’ll continue to make predictions and post NPD results, but assembling it all and “analyzing” the data will be left to folks like ChartGet.

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