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NeoGAF Presents: G.A.M.E. 4.0 – A Chiptune Album

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Once again, NeoGAF’s talented musicians have come together and produced another album for electronic masses: G.A.M.E. 4.0. This album taps into my appreciation for all things simple and creative. Given the limited toolset, I’m just amazed with what people can produce.

Even if you’re not be the world’s biggest chiptune fan, I’d give this excellent album a listen. You may find a track or two that will blow your mind.


  G.A.M.E. 4.0 - (118.4 MiB, 1,094 hits)

P.S – I’ve also gotten word that there will be a G.A.M.E. 3.1 which will expand on the WipEout custom soundtrack project. I am excited for this!

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