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FYI: GDC 2009, Cloud Gaming, R2 DLC

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  • Rearden Studios OnLive – Cloud Gaming Today (via Kotaku)

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Official

[gametrailers 47116]

Resistance 2 patch and DLC detailed, dated for March 26 (via Joystiq)

  • Patch 1.50
    • New multiplayer mode dubbed Meltdown
    • New hardcore difficulty setting for co-op (more XP and more difficult)
    • Enable local co-op players to sign-in with PSN accounts
  • Downloadable Content
    • Aftermath Map Pack – A number of smaller scale maps for $5.99
    • Additional skins including female ones – $0.99 each
    • Releasing by March 26, 2009


  • Sony Slashes Cost of PS3 Development (via Edge)
  • Microsoft Updates Xbox 360 SDK; Makes Developer Lives Easier (via Kotaku)

Video of the Day

OnLive Interview

[gametrailers 47079]

OnLive is the next step in gaming and computing in general; it’s Gaming-On-Demand. With OnLive, you can use your internet connection to stream high end gaming onto your display devices. How awesome is that? If we can somehow guarantee high speed unlimited internet access to everyone, this would take off like no tomorrow.

Even though I traded in my copy of Resistance 2, seeing the upcoming content doesn’t bother me. I would have loved to try the patch and its changes, however since I’m not a fan of paid multiplayer maps, I wouldn’t have bothered anyways.

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