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Killzone 2 Multiplayer Review

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I doubt many people even thought about Killzone 2 would have a multiplayer component after watching the CGI unveiling or even after the first in-game footage was presented. The franchise was never known for its multiplayer, but you have to start somewhere right? Killzone 2’s multiplayer is undoubtedly ambitious with classes, robust stat tracking and large player counts. For, what could be described as their first “real” crack at it, I was impressed. They got a lot of it right, but they also fell short with a number of things.  I’m quite aware of the fact that this all could change in the future, but this piece is about how the the game is now.

What They Got Right

There’s a lot Killzone 2 multiplayer got right. Here are some worthy highlights:

  • Excellent mix of maps. Large to small, every map is unique from a play style and visual standpoint.
  • Transition from one game mode to another is seamless and refreshing.
  • Tighter controls and sped up reload animations compared to the campaign.
  • Squad function and the ability to spawn on the squad leader.
  • Robust server options ranging from weapon control to game mode control.
  • Continually evolving game with class unlocks changing the game (for better and worse)
  • Impressive website and game integration with Flash driven “Battle Replays” and stat tracking

Room For Improvement

There are many things Killzone 2 should have or could have to improve its online experience. Here are some of the most notable ones.

Party Mode – Joining a friend’s game is great, but with the likes of team balancing, it makes it’s tough to actually join them and kick ass together. Effectively, the team balancing option could be turned on by default. Aside from teaming up with buddies, there isn’t be a need for unbalanced teams in this game.

Improve Server List Filters – This game has plenty of options for server configurations so why are some of the vital ones missing from the server browser? Allow us to filter games with Friendly Fire, Faction Balancing and more; make the filters as robust as the server options themselves.

Too Many Players? – 32 players is a bit much. Even for the large maps like Pyrrhus Rise or Salamun Market. The framerate takes a hit with so much chaos going on those Search & Destroy missions. In my experience, 24 player games worked a lot better.

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