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FYI: April Fools 2009, LBP Stats, 1st Madden 10 Screen

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What the deuce? Aren’t these FYI posts usually posted on Tuesdays? I bet you didn’t even notice they were missing. Not much happened yesterday, but today is April 1st and there will be plenty of crap to post about.

April Fools 2009

LittleBigPlanet Stats

Press release shared a handful of statistics concerning LittleBigPlanet:

  • Over 725,000 unique levels have been created
  • Over 125 million games have been played
  • Over 4 million comments have been posted

Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier Announced

Apparently, Jak & Daxter are returning to the PSP and PS2. The PS2 is no stranger to PSP ports, so I guess it’s not that surprising that it’ll be receiving a new first party title this late in its life cycle. Expect the title to debut in autumn of 2009.

First Madden 10 Screenshot


I don’t usually post screenshots from Madden games, but this first screenshot from Madden NFL 10 was surprising. They chose to release this? A 1080p screenshot of a 720p game with blurry textures and aliasing? April Fools? Wii edition? You decide.

Not much of a fan of Jak or Daxter. The PSP title was alright.

  1. Buraka
    | Reply

    I think Ben looks way too skinny here. But I guess it’s just a preview and they have lots of time to tighten things up before launch.

    They’ve released another screenshot of Matt Hasselbeck that looks better though – http://maddennfl.easports.com/home.action

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