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FYI: DLC Plans, Patch Plans and More

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  • Wipeout HD Update (via PlayStation.Blog)
    • 50 online ranks to obtain
    • New podium screen & 33 online badges to earn
    • Game invite system
    • Spectator mode
    • Additional online game options
    • Releasing April 8th, 2009 & for free of course
  • Resident Evil 5 Versus DLC
    • Up to four players in online battles
    • Point based Slayer’s Rule mode (players compete to see who can kill the most enemies)
    • Survivor’s Rule pits players against each other
    • Both modes support one vs. one or two vs. two modes
    • Available today for $4.99 or 400 MS Points
  • GameTrailers TV (via GameTrailers)
    • BioShock 2 gameplay footage
    • ‘Major’ Killzone 2 announcement
    • Fable II DLC #2 first look
    • Coming this Thursday on Spike TV @ 12:30 AM


  • Looking Back at 1996: Nintendo’s Fall, Part 1 (via Edge)
  • PSP 2/PSP 4000 Rumor (via Pocket Gamer)
    • Will debut autumn 2009
    • Similar to the iPhone with large touchscreen
    • Unlike iPhone, it will slide and reveal traditional controls including a d-pad and dual analog controls
    • No UMD means games will be download only via PlayStation Store
    • More details at E3 in June

I look forward to all the additional content for my beloved games, however any additional content with a price tag associated to it will be under a lot of scrutiny from yours truly.

That “Nintendo’s Fall” article from Edge was a good read, but I’m not too crazy with the title of it. “Nintendo’s Fall”? Fall from first place? The Nintendo 64 and GameCube weren’t the most successful Nintendo consoles, but Nintendo did not “fall” — at least not like how Sony is falling in this console generation. I would love to get into this topic some more, but Ryan Scott already took the time to explain my view on the article. I suggest you read that.

As for the PSP rumors? They are certainly promising. At this rate, Sony will have released at least one significant PSP revision per year for the past three years.

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