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FYI: FO3 DLC, KZ2 DLC Priced, Lego Rock Band

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  • Lego: Rock Band (via Press Release)
  • Brutal Legend Releasing October 13th, 2009 (via Press Release)
  • Killzone 2 DLC Price & Dated (via PlayStation.Blog)
    • Releasing on April 30th, 2009
    • $5.99
  • Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC Price & Dated (via Kotaku)
    • Raising level cap to 30
    • Removes the ending for further exploration
    • Additional perks, enemies, weapons etc
    • Releasing on May 5th, 2009
    • Exclusively on Xbox Live! for 800 MS points
  • Muramusa: The Demon Blade Has New Publisher & Launch Date (via Kotaku)
    • Ignition Entertainment took over for XSEED
    • Given a September 2009 launch window


  • Marvel vs Capcom 2 XBLA & PSN Countdown? (via Kotaku)

Lots of DLC? Killzone 2 DLC isn’t worth the green, but that Fallout 3 Broken Steel is an enticing piece. If only I didn’t trade it in. Oh well, why dwell in the past when I can look forward to my copy of Valkyria Chronicles.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 for XBLA and PSN is the worst kept secret ever. ESRB ratings, Achievement listings and even hardware peripheral listings were released already. Looks like we have to wait six more days to hear the official announcement.

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