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PS3 Slim Evidence Piles On

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There will be a slimmer PlayStation 3. That’s an absolute fact. What we don’t know is when the revision will arrive and what it would it look like?

The answer to the latter question may have surfaced through these chassis photos courtesy of a Chinese website. At first glance, it certainly is uglier. If these photos are to be believed, these slimmer PS3s will be losing a lot more than just weight. The chrome stripe and gloss finish seem to have been shed off as well.

As I noted in the NeoGAF thread, the image of the box is a point of contention for me. If it is indeed a real box, the presentation of these slimmer PS3’s seem idiotic. Why not highlight the fact that it is indeed slimmer? Or perhaps it isn’t much thinner and these new PS3s will simply be smaller. (Still, why not display them like they did with the PS2 Slim?)

That’s my only problem with it.

The photos of the chassis are convincing. The possibility of it all being an elaborate rouse is still there,but why would someone put in so much effort to do this? And why would Maintek Computers (a PS3 manufacturer) use legal muscle to bring down the thread where the images were posted?

The evidence is mounting. IBM has a 45nm Cell processor, Sony could use a PS3 that is cheaper to manufacture and I’m sure they would love the opportunity for a platform “reboot”.

It makes sense doesn’t? Or perhaps we’re being duped. Whatever the case may be, don’t expect Sony to clarify the situation. All we can do is wait.

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