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Checkpoint: May’s Three Day Weekend Edition


Three day weekends. A time for side projects, hobbies and extended rest. I don’t need the rest, but I do have side projects and hobbies to tend to.

As you may have already read, I spent some time tinkering with Windows 7 and Office 2010. It was good to follow through with that. As far as hobbies go? It’s been gaming time with Lost Odyssey, Henry Hatsworth and Plants vs Zombies.

On disc four for Lost Odyssey and spending a lot of time grinding for SP through side quests to build some fierce characters. Fun? Meh. None of these side quests have been particularly entertaining at all. Thankfully, I’m such a obsessive compulsive person.

Henry Hatsworth is also in its final stretch. I can’t help, but feel that this game should have been cut 4 or 5 stages shorter. Repetition is beginning to set in. I’m on the last world and I hope they mix up the level design a bit.

I had to restart Plants vs Zombies thanks to Steam’s ineffective backup function. Why they don’t include saved games I will never know. I had to replay the first two “worlds”, but I didn’t mind at all. It was still fun. Scuba diving zombies? Oh what will they think of next.

Gaming aside, two NBA conference semi-finals game sevens will be watched. At the time of writing, it’s Kobe and the Lakers show. As for the other game seven?  I hope the Magic can pull out a victory on the road.

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