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FYI: Rumor Confirmed, KZ2 Patch, 30 million 360s Sold

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  • Dead Space: Extraction Debuts September 29 for the Wii (via PR)
  • Xbox 360 Hits 30 Million Sales Worldwide (via Edge-Online)
    • From February 2009, PlayStation 3 @ 21.3 Million worldwide
    • Wii @ over 50 million units sold
  • 64 Player Buzz! Quiz Show Coming to PlayStation Home (via PlayStation.Blog)
    • This is how it will work:

Four colored answer buttons are laid out on the floor and you need to make sure you’re standing on the right answer when the time runs out. The winner’s decided over four rounds, and there are a number of exclusive Home prizes up for grabs for the greatest players.


  • Ars Technica ‘Mole’ Confirms PS3 Slim & PSP Go! (via Ars Technica)
    • PSP Go! to be announced at E3 as previously rumored
    • PS3 slim will not be announced until retail channels have been flushed
    • This rumor comes from the same ‘mole’ who confirmed RE5 Xbox 360 bundle and 2008’s Xbox 360 price cut
  • Google Chrome gets HTML video support (via cnet)
  • Killzone 2 1.27 Patch Coming Very Soon (via PlayStation.Blog)
    • Revised ‘Join Friend’ option allows players to automatically join a friend’s faction and squad – even if faction balancing is on
    • Squads and teams persist over multiple games
    • Badges and weapons will be fully unlocked in Skirmish mode
    • New ‘High Precision’ control option makes the analog sticks more responsive to small movements
    • Will be able to switch factions manually if teams are unbalanced – will not be able to switch to the larger team
    • Removed temporary invulnerability to players who spawn at spawn points other than the base camp
    • Assault class armor hit points changed from 100 to 50
    • Tactician’s air support sentry bot’s accuracy and hit points boosted
    • Changed the way automated turrets target sentry bots in order to allow sentries to live longer

That PS3 slim rumor is one of the few rumors which I’ve kept my eye on. I’m not surprised that it’s pretty much confirmed. Will I buy one? Most likely. We could use another PS3 in the home and I have an EB Games card with money on it. I’m also certain Sony will unveil this PS3 slim with a price cut.

But I don’t think they will unveil it at E3 though. It’s too soon. They will probably announce it closer to the fall.

Killzone 2 1.27 patch looks very promising. I may actually pick up the multiplayer once again. And I may actually try Home again after piss poor initial launch. Buzz! Home space looks intriguing.

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