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id Software Sold To ZeniMax Media? What?

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id_softwareThis was quite the surprise when I saw via the Twitter feeds.

id Software (Doom, Quake) was sold to ZeniMax Media, owner of Bethesda (Fallout 3, Oblivion). My immediate reaction was “Why now?”. I suspected economic pressure and was part way there.

“Things aren’t really going to be different in terms of what’s going on at id,” Hollenshead said. “We’re not going to change the kinds of games we make…. It allows us to accelerate the growth of our internal studios, so we can focus on making all of our internal games as opposed to working with external partners where there has been a step down in quality… There will be more, better games from id. So if you’re a fan of the company, then it is all upside and all things to look forward to.”

Thanks, Todd Hollenshead. Now where in the world is RAGE at?

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