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ArsTechnica Mole Dishes Out Price Cut Plans

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The all knowing ArsTechnica mole (PSP go, RE5 360 bundle etc.) revealed some price cut plans for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Here’s the breakdown:

PlayStation 3

  • 80 GB model will encounter hardware constraints as Sony has given approximately 60 days worth of inventory
  • 160 GB models will not be constrained yet
  • PS3 Slim and price cut lined up for this fall

Xbox 360

  • Pro (60 GB) will be replaced by Elite (120 GB) model after an early September price drop of some sort
  • Pro models will begin disappearing in July/August; will be heavily promoted with bundles
  • Holiday bundle coming in October

And that’s it. Sounds logical and this person hasn’t let us down yet. Expect price cuts, people!

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