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FYI: No More Gmail Beta, MechWarrior & PSP2 Rumors


  • Google Apps drops beta moniker (via Cnet)
    • Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Talk out of beta phase
    • Gmail has been in beta for five years
  • Eidos becomes Square Enix Europe (via Edge)
    • Eidos name will live on as a developer, but not as a developer
  • Fight Night Round 4 patch to re-add button punches (via GiantBomb)
    • Button based punching will return as an option
    • Patch slated for an early September release
    • A content patch with new gym, accessories, and gameplay sliders will be released in August
    • Xbox 360 version of the August patch will sport an alternate version of Sugar Ray Leonard


  • PSP2 to feature quad core GPU? (via Digital Foundry)
    • PSP2 to feature quad core iteration of Imagination Technologies PowerVR “Hydra” (SGX543MP) GPU
    • It will be an enhanced version of the same GPU found in the iPhone 3GS
    • As a result, the approximated power of the device will rival the original Xbox
    • The “Hydra” is also a GP-GPU meaning it can function as a CPU and GPU
  • Two “Mechwarrior” teasers surface
    • Being developed by Piranha Games
    • Evidence of it being a Mechwarrior game can be found here. (Davion emblem)

Watching those teaser videos were exciting, but reality quickly caught up and I knew I couldn’t relive those great moments of the past. MechWarrior 2 and its two expansions are among my most cherished games of all time; they were awesome. But those days are long gone and I doubt anyone can bring it back. Hell, we don’t even know if this will be a simulation game or a third person action game like MechAssault.

Congrats to Google for finally letting go of those beta tags. It’s about time.

P.S – Farewell Michael Jackson.

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