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Windows 7 Upgrade Process Clarified

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windows-logoIt’s a good thing I didn’t rely on solely on Paul Thurrott’s word when deciding to purchase of Windows 7 Home Premium upgrades. If I did, I would have likely gone ahead an cancelled my Amazon.ca pre-orders.

Fortunately, I have several copies of Windows XP lying around because Microsoft clarified the upgrade criteria. It looks like they’ve addressed the loop hole which many took advantage of in the past.

  1. A qualifying Windows operating system must be installed.
  2. The qualifying Windows operating system must have a genuine license (product key) and it must be activated.
  3. To upgrade, boot to the qualifying Windows desktop, insert the Windows 7 Upgrade disc in the DVD drive.
  4. the setup menu appears, select Custom (advanced) to initiate a clean install procedure.

Paul still believes the Vista upgrade method will work, but I’m not so sure. Not all is lost though: there’s an alternative!

Apparently, you can perform a “Custom Installation” over a Windows 7 Release Candidate install. It’s not a real upgrade, but it will create a “Windows.old” directory which I can delete afterwards. It’s the cleanest method thus far.

My only concern with this method is what would happen if Windows 7 RC expires? Will you still be able to install and activate it for this sole purpose? Hopefully, someone will be able to verify all of this soon.

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