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Some Awesome Japanese News

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famitsu-logoThis week’s Famitsu magazine was filled with brilliant news; the most significant being the announcement of Valkyria Chronicles 2 for the PlayStation Portable. Sweet.

I would have loved if the sequel was on the PlayStation 3, but just having a sequel is more than I was expecting.

The sequel will take place two years after the first game and will star a new hero, Avan Hardence. Apparently, it’ll borrow a few touches from Persona’s Japanese school-life style of RPG and merge it with the combat system of the first game. No release date as of yet.

Other tidbits of interest are as follows:

  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will feature online co-op missions
  • Dragon Quest IX scored a perfect 40 point score (10/10/10/10) — the tenth perfect score in the magazine’s history
  • Katamari Forever (Tribute in North America) scored 33 points (9/8/8/8); best Katamari game of the series!

I’ll most likely be picking up NG Sigma 2 at a lower price point and the same goes with Katamari Tribute. Dragon Quest IX? I tried to play VIII on PS2, but, at the time, it bored me to tears. Perhaps the experience will be different on the Nintendo DS.

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