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FYI: Uncharted 2 & Next Dashboard Update Dated



Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Debuting on October 13th (via Kotaku)

  • Multiplayer demo will be an EB Games/GameStop pre-order bonus which will grant exclusive access from September 9th to 29th.
  • Multiplayer demo will be available to everyone on September 30th
  • Other outlets will be given different pre-order bonuses.
    • Amazon.com (possibly .ca as well) – Uncharted 2 treasure map
    • Game Crazy (N/A for Canadians) – Multiplayer currency bonus (like bonus XP for leveling up)
    • BestBuy (possibly .ca as well) – Golden AK-57s and Golden Barettas for multiplayer use

Next Xbox 360 Dashboard Coming August 11th (via Kotaku)

  • Includes Xbox Live Games on Demand service (buy old games from Xbox Live Marketplace)
  • Includes Netflix party support AKA the service which Canadians can’t use

Intel Announces New 34 nm X-25-M Solid State Drives (via AnandTech)

  • Evolution of the current X25-M (2.5 inch) drives
  • Available in 80GB ($225 USD) & 160GB ($440 USD) flavors
  • X18-M (1.8 inch) models at a later date
  • Halogen free; great for Apple and environmentalists
  • Will have TRIM support via firmware update just in time for Windows 7

Windows 7 RTM on August 6th; Family Pack Confirmed (via NeoWin)

  • Family pack was confirmed, but no details yet.

Nice to finally see a release date on Uncharted 2. I enjoyed the multiplayer beta and after besting Uncharted numerous times, I cannot wait to play the sequel. Oh, and I guess that Xbox 360 Dashboard update is neat. (I’m a terrible liar.)

What is interesting to me is how nicely Solid State Drive prices have been falling. Believe it or not, Intel is one of the top SSD players. So when they announce something, I listen. These 80GB models for $225 USD isn’t outrageous to me. Hear me out before you dismiss me as being crazy.

I don’t need 1.5 TB of hard drive space. I don’t even need over 200 GB of it. I’ve been living with a 200 GB hard drive for over 4 years and I have never come close to filling it. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I have a 500 GB NAS. So why would I want to buy a 1 TB hard drive for $99? Just because? No thanks. I rather live in the cutting edge world of solid state with its superior read/write speeds and lack of mechanical parts.

I doubt I’ll be picking up one this year though. Perhaps after a favorable AnandTech review and it goes on sale somewhere.

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