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FYI: New Okami DS, New MW2 Trailer & More

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Okamiden Announced for Nintendo DS (via Kotaku)

  • Takes place after Okami
  • Announced for Japan for now
  • Releasing in 2010

PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.0 Now Available


Modern Warfare 2 Uncut Flag Runner Trailer

Grand Theft Auto: The Balad of Gay Tony Reveal Trailer

[gametrailers 55294]

I’ve echoed my thoughts concerning the new PS3 firmware already, but I’m going to reiterate them here.

I am a fan of most of the functional changes. Things like the notification icons in the top right corner were long overdue. My beef lies with the aesthetic changes.

Ironically, much like the PlayStation 3 Slim which officially launches today, firmware 3.0 lost a bit of its elegance. The ideas behind things like the notification box and the “What’s New” function are sound, but the implementation left a lot to be desired. If they allowed me to to

  • Change the font size
  • Allow me to toggle the¬†information ticker on/off
  • Allow me the option to toggle the the notification box’ border on/off
  • Change the background color and transparency of the friend list
  • Allow me the option to toggle the PlayStation Store shortcut links in the “Games” and “Video” sections

Mostly minor in the grand scheme of things, but they add up. Sony’s been decent with listening to community feedback. I hope they address these minor quibbles as well.

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