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New iTunes, iPhone OS & iPod Touch Announced

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apple-logo.pngApple had an event today. An iPod event full of updates and announcements including:

  • iTunes 9
  • iPhone OS 3.1
  • New iPod Touch
  • New iPod Nano w/ built in camera & FM Radio

The iPod Touch will now start at $199.99 USD for the 8 GB with $299.99 USD (32 GB) & $399.99 USD (64 GB) variants following. Finally! A sub $200 iPod Touch. And to top it off, they’re including Open GL|ES 2.0 which means expanded graphical capabilities for games.

They finally started to compare the iPhone to the DS & PSP which is valid on one hand, but complete nonsense on the other. There is a definite market for iPhone’s bite sized gaming, but it doesn’t offer the same kind of gaming that the NDS or PSP offers at all. Sure there is a Halo-esque game called Nova coming, but that’s nothing like a Phoenix Wright or a God of War. Good for Apple for taking its gaming initiative seriously though.

The “new” iPod Nano with the built in cameras make a lot of sense considering the form factor and how it fits when held horizontally. Apple also decided to add a FM radio antennae and pedometer in it. And at $149 USD for an 8 GB and $179 for 16 GB, it’s hard to resist. I would pick one up if I was looking for a new MP3 player today.

Head over to Apple’s website to check out the new hotness. If it’s not there yet, it should be there some time today.

This is Apple, after all.

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