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Sega’s “Leak” Provides Hope

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sega-logoIf Sega was in the business of selling hope to gamers, this month would have been quite the profitable one.

Following the promise of a new 2-D Sonic game and the glimmer of hope for a localized version of Yakuza 3 comes a plethora of possibilities. These supposedly “leaked” minutes from a meeting between Sega and SCEA reveal everything from the possibility of Sony re-releasing PS2 titles on the PlayStation Network to Sega evaluating the idea of re-releasing Sega DreamCast titles on said network. I recommend you all to read that document.

A lot of these items are possible and would make a lot of sense. Digital distribution allows for this kind of catering. Your average gamer who waltzes into BestBuy to pick up his copy of Modern Warfare 2 on launch day may not care, but there’s a significant audience out there like myself who would love to play ChuChu Rocket again. So I’m hoping at least half of the ideas documented in these minutes turn out to be true.

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