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Persona 4 Postmortem With Atlus

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atlus_logoPostmortems for games are always interesting to me. “What went wrong?” “What went right?” Having the developer look back at the development of a game can bring a whole new level of understanding.

Persona 4 is one of my favorite games in recent memory. It was amazing. So to have an opportunity to read a postmortem for it was awesome. One point they mentioned has me wondering though:

Also, one of the villain characters changed in the middle of development; since the character design was done before the story change, the design did not reflect the fact that he was a villain.

Who are they talking about? Is it who I think it was? The mystery murderer? If so, I loved that I wasn’t able to point out who it was beforehand. There’s no need to highlight a character as a villain with “evil” characteristics. That’s just too blatant.

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