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Changes Here & There

If you’re wondering where the @GameDealsCanada Round Ups are, just look to the right to the “GameDealsCanada Deals” category.

It was getting quite annoying to sift through the round ups and the actual content of the site. I’m still thinking of ways to advertise the round ups and revamping the GameDealsCanada page. I’m not gonna lie; it’s kinda lame right now.

Also, have you all noticed the improved load times with the site? I jettisoned some old plugins and replaced them with new ones. I also disabled post revisions and a number of other bloat WordPress had on. I’ve personally seen a slight decrease in load times via Google Chrome, so please chime in with your comments.

Speaking of comments, I’m also looking for ways to integrate Twitter into the comments or something. I think it’d be neat.

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