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Nintendo DSi LL/XL Revealed

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Just how successful is the Nintendo DS? Is it successful enough to become a home console replacement? Nintendo could be testing that theory with the Nintendo DSi LL (or XL for the rest of the world).

It’s essentially a Nintendo DSi, but bigger in every regard; a bigger screen (4.2 inch vs 3.25 inch from DSi), a pen sized stylus and even longer battery life. This is the DSi for your home as Nintendo so aptly portrays on their official website. I suggest you all explore the site if you wish to see some comparisons.

I can’t say that I’m against this addition to the DS product line because for some people, this makes sense. Their DS never leaves the home and they would like to have a bigger screen — even if it means stretching that 256 x 192 resolution onto 4.2 inches screens. Just hold it further away I guess.

The Japanese release is just weeks away on November 21st while North America and Europe will be receiving these extra large DSi’s in early 2010.

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