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So Modern Warfare 2 PC Is A Cheap Console Port

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So Infinity Ward axed dedicated server support which was a significant blow to the advantages of going with PC. But after the most recent revelations, the remaining PC die hards have no reason to pick up this version if they wish to diverge from Infinity Ward’s ‘vision’ for Modern Warfare 2.

The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 will also have the following changes:

  • lose the console command,
  • lose the ability to kick troublemakers,
  • support up to only 18 players,
  • have no mod support,
  • no more leaning,
  • and no control of who will host.

But it will have graphical settings, text chat and mouse support! Which is good right? That’s the bare minimum, Infinity Ward. That’s what we’ve come to expect when Capcom or other console developers port their console works over to PC. For former PC developers, people expect the kind of features that was already in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Here’s a handy comparison chart courtesy of NeoGAF’s Puck:

Infinity Ward drank the console Kool-Aid and are now comfortably addicted. At least they’re paving the way for other former PC only developers.

I feel your pain, PC gamers. I really do.

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