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Beware of Xbox 360 Transfer Kits on eBay

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xbox-360-logoIf you purchased an Xbox 360 60GB and were looking to transfer data from your 20 GB hard drive to the new one, don’t order a hard drive transfer kit from eBay.

I should have read the instructions more closely. I should have noticed that I needed both the cable AND the disc. The cable cost me $7.73 from eBay, but it didn’t include the disc. I can’t download the disc either since it requires authentication for some odd reason.

So what does that leave me? I’m not eligible for the free transfer kit because I didn’t upgrade to an Elite console. I could order one from Microsoft for about $14 though. Or, I could wait for a kit to get sent to me via NeoGAF’s “pay it forward” thread. I could also perform the data transfer via an overpriced memory unit, but that’s just absurd to me.

Either way, it doesn’t look like I will be selling my Xbox 360 anytime soon. Well, not selling with a hard drive anyway.

Thank goodness Sony didn’t make their data transfer process so convoluted and costly.

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