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Persona 3: Portable Coming To North America

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As far as Japanese role playing games goes,  Atlus’ Persona series sits among the top three franchises for me at the moment — especially Persona 4. I absolutely adored Persona 4 and would recommend it to fans of the genre in a heartbeat. But what about Persona 3? It’s not a slouch and it may seem obsolete from a gameplay and design standpoint, but it’s still worth trying. If only there was a way to play Persona 3 with some of Persona 4‘s enhancements.

Enter Persona 3: Portable for the PlayStation Portable.

Persona 3: Portable Box Shot

This may be the third release of Persona 3, but it seems to be the definitive version. You may not get the extra content found in Persona 3: FES (The Answer epilogue), but having played it, I think you can safely skip over it. The most notable additions and alterations in P3P include:

  • direct control of the party
  • faster pacing and (vanilla P3 was a bit slow)
  • additional characters to mingle with

They’re significant improvements and with them, I’d easily recommend it. The $39.99 USD price tag seems a bit much, but for a new comer, I’d say it’s fair.

Persona 3: Portable debuts July 6, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable. For more information, visit the official website.

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