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Five Additional MW2 Maps Will Cost $15

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I will not buy any multiplayer map packs — it’s a matter of principle. So this “Stimulus Package” doesn’t really matter to me. Regardless, I still have an opinion on this.

Modern Warfare 2‘s map pack will cost 1200 MS Points (or $15 for us normal folks). It will debut on Xbox Live! on March 30th, 2010 and remain exclusive for a whole 30 days before appearing on any other platform.

I paid $45.19 for Modern Warfare 2 which came with a single player campaign and a multiplayer component which consists of 16 maps. And for 33% of that cost, Activision and Infinity Ward are offering three brand new maps and two classic maps from Call of Duty 4, mp_overgrown and mp_crash.

That’s lunacy, but people will pay that. Until consumers learn to speak with their dollars, companies like Activision will continue to gouge us all. To Activision: “Bravo”. To anyone who buys this map pack: “You disgust me.”.

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