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SFIV DLC Compatible With SSFIV

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capcomlogoWell this is a surprise.

Street Fighter IV‘s costume packs will be compatible with Super Street Fighter IV.

When Super Street Fighter IV was announced, I was both excited and disappointed. New characters and content was worth praising. But wasting $12 on additional content that I can’t use in the latest version? That was not cool.

Thanks to Capcom for making it work. I realize they’re just unlock keys, but it’s nice to know that I can continue to use what I paid for.

Now what’s the “little surprise” for folks who hold onto their Street Fighter IV discs?

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  1. TC
    | Reply

    what this means is one of two things… either A) they coded the 1st game well enuf that they can actually transfer the costumes over… or B) they are being sneaky and charging full price for a new game when all that’s new in Super SFIV is new characters o_O

    • No_Style
      | Reply

      There are lots of new things in SSFIV including new characters, new stages, new moves, new bonus modes and network play modes. All for $39.99.

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