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2.5 Million People Said “Yes” to $15 Map Packs

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activision-logoActivision is indeed laughing all the way to the bank and all I have to say is:

“Good job. Milk the fools.”

I take that back, I actually have a bit more to say.

In its first week, the $15 map pack, dubbed the “Stimulus Package”, accumulated at least 2.5 million downloads. That’s damn impressive and disappointing.

I’m impressed by the fact that it exceeded the World at War 1┬ámillion downloads which debuted across both the Xbox Live! and PlayStation Network markets. But I’m disappointed by the fact that 2.5 million people just told Activision that the $15 price point is well worth it.

They made $37.5 million in sales for three new maps and two ports. Damn geniuses.

What’s the breaking point people? $20 for 7 maps? $25 for 9?

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