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Infinity Ward Exodus List Thus Far

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Update: Added two more.

NeoGAF member Akia assembled a list of folks who have left Infinity Ward as of late.

Here’s the list thus far:

  • Jason West — President, Game Director (fired)
  • Vince Zampella — CEO, Co-Founder (fired)
  • Francesco Gigliotti — Lead Software Engineer
  • Jon Shiring — Lead Programmer
  • Chris Cherubini — Lead Artist
  • Bruce Ferriz — Senior Animator (joined a start-up, Big Red Button Entertainment)
  • Todd Alderman — Lead Designer
  • Mackey McCandlish — Lead Designer
  • Steve Fukuda — Lead Designer
  • Zied Reike — Lead Designer
  • Rayme Vinson — Programmer
  • Mark Grigsby — Lead Animator
  • Paul Messerly — Lead Character Animator

Many designers, but most importantly: most of them are leads. Leads are pretty influential people.

If the Penny-Arcade comic from 2003 is accurate, approximately 20 people left 2015 to form Infinity Ward. Will more break away from Infinity Ward this time around? Who knows? All I know is that it’ll be absolutely amazing if Respawn Entertainment’s new game ends up breaking Modern Warfare 2‘s sales record.

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