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Checkpoint: Wading Through FFXIII Edition


I’m enjoying Final Fantasy XIII very much, but it’s a big game. I’m 40 hours into it and I have yet to finish. And to thoroughly complete it? I’m told that could take another 40 hours.

To the credit of Square Enix, most of the content I would like to see and complete. The side missions/hunts are my to do list, but the other “completionist content”  — such as maxing out all the characters and obtaining all the equipment in the game — is on the maybe list.

The reason why I’m even mentioning all of this is because of Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, Super Street Fighter IV and any other game not called Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Really easy to drop in and out of this one). These are significant games which I really want to get into, but can’t due to Square Enix’ epic RPG. It almost makes me wish for the days where I would get one game or so every six months.

I’d normally hold something like this for the review, but I’d just like to declare that Final Fantasy XIII has one of the best battle systems of any RPG. For the majority of the battles, any time I lost, it wasn’t because I didn’t invest enough time grinding out experience points. I lost because of my approach to those battles and that’s something many role playing games struggled with in the past. Especially JRPGs.

It’s so refreshing not having to worry about grinding and only have to worry about allotting enough genuine play time.

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