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Killzone 3D Officially Announced

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Killzone 3D was announced today. Okay, it isn’t called Killzone 3D, but it is playable in 3D. I’m curious how this will work on a technical level since 3D isn’t easy with a high fidelity game like Killzone.

But do I really care? No. I don’t own a 3D HDTV and I’m not in a rush to get one.

There were some gameplay tidbits as you can see

  • It takes place after Killzone 2 (duh!)
  • Storywise: there is a giant political void to fill with the death of Visari
  • More variety with combat with many enemy types including flying ones (see jet packs)
  • Bigger scale
  • More varied environments (see the awesome snow)

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Parka wearing space Nazis? Now I’ve seen everything.

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