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FYI: Insomniac Publishes With EA, Larrabee Cancelled & More

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Insomniac Games joins the EA Partners Program (via Ted Price video & blog)

  • New IP with EA Partners program
  • Will have complete control and own the IP
  • Will continue to work with Sony with the Resistance & Ratchet & Clank franchise
  • Will invest more time polishing up their games in the future

Intel officially axes their discrete GPU, Larrabee (via Anandtech)

Robbie Bach & J Allard leaving Microsoft (via Engadget)

Steve Jobs to keynote WWDC 2010 (via Engadget)

Congratulations to Insomniac Games on their new publishing deal with EA. But that’s not the piece of news which I was pleased to hear. I’m excited about the prospects of their games getting more development time. A Crack in Time was their last game under the old “one game per year” way of developing games and that was excellent. Just imagine what more time could yield?

Intel axing their Larrabee GPU wasn’t that big of a surprise. They’re promising to continue work on their integrated graphics processors which I think is a great idea — especially when you consider their work with the Atom platform.

So the remaining “fathers of the Xbox” are leaving Microsoft. It’s been such a long time since both Mr. Bach and Mr. Allard were part of the core Xbox team, so I doubt this will impact things very much on that front. It’s still a bit sad to see them leave the company after contributing so much.

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