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Bad Company 2 Marketing Push #4 Released

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The fourth VIP map pack is now available. And by “available”, I mean unlocked for consumption. I don’t approve of these VIP map packs since they’re nothing, but lies. They’re not map packs. They’re just unlocks. If they called them what they were, I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it. But if EA thinks they could pass these unlocks as some kind “free added content” that can compete against the likes of Modern Warfare 2’s map packs is just sad. (By the way, the Modern Warfare 2 second map pack was made available to all platforms yesterday.)

However as disingenuous as these VIP map packs are, they’re great for Bad Company 2 awareness. Every single time one of these things are released, EA throws out a new trailer which gets picked up by the media and tossed onto their front pages. And if these “freebies” convince more players to join in the fray, I can’t completely knock this idea.

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