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Microsoft Kinect Pricing Made Official

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It’s officially too expensive for my liking.

$149.99 could net you the Kinect camera and the Kinect Adventures game.

On top of confirming Kinect pricing, Microsoft have also stamped their official seal on the new Xbox 360 Arcade unit which will feature 4 GB of internal storage and a black matte finish. Wi-Fi? Included. Which means the only thing this doesn’t feature is beefy storage which I’m not sure you can rectify with official (or unofficial) hard drives yet.

Microsoft also confirmed the existence of a new Holiday bundle which will have both the Kinect and new Arcade unit for $299.99. That’s not a bad price, to be honest. Hell, I may even partake in a bundle like that if Microsoft allowed me to use my own 2.5 inch hard drive.

We all know that won’t happen though.

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