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The PlayStation 3 Can Now Play Game Backups

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Update: The hack was reverse engineered. It turns out that it uses an legitimate exploit to get the ball rolling. Folks have also discovered that this PSJailbreak cannot be updated which means that $129.95 CAD hack could be worthless if future games require new firmware.

Is it really hacked? Yes, if you count using a $100+ USB dongle to install a piece of code to boot into “debug/service mode” in order to run unsigned code “a hack”. Some folks are suspecting that this was developed using a leaked PlayStation 3 SDK. This USB dongle enables homebrew possibilities and, of course, playing backups. And most importantly, it works across all hardware revisions.

As impressive as this is, there are some caveats:

  • According to these early impressions, you currently cannot remove this little hack.
  • Sony can potentially block this in future firmwares which could mean that you will need two PS3s; one for online use and the other for back ups. (Just like hacked 360 owners do)
  • It currently costs $100+ for what could end up being a temporary hack.
  • Running games with mandatory installs may yield poor results like with Halo 3.

Those issues aside, there are so many possibilities for this. I’d love to be able to load up my entire PS2 and PS3 library onto the HDD and just play games without switching a disc. I may have to get up at the moment, but if this hack pans out, we may not even have to do any of the disc ejecting in the future.

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