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PSGroove – Open Source PSJailbreak

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Look what we have here. An open source version of that PSJailbreak hack is now available. All you need is a compatible programmable USB microcontroller, a bit of know-how and you’re on your way to enabling unsigned code to run on your PlayStation 3 — all without coughing up $130+

The folks who released this open source version of the hack disabled the ability to play backups, but people have already re-enabled it. However, on the plus side, it looks like the dongle requirement was arbitrary and a pathetic attempt to extract more money from people with multiple PS3s.

If you don’t want to buy a USB microcontroller, according mathieulh (well known PSP hacker) there is a possibility of a PSP version of this hack.

So what’s my opinion on all of this? It’s still too early. First of all, since there hasn’t been any worthwhile homebrew applications released yet, there’s no compelling reason to jump on board yet. In addition, we don’t know how Sony will respond to this. Will they be able to plug it? Will I be instantly banned from PSN? Still too early to tell.

Also, I’m not sure who to feel sorry for with this one. Sony? The original PSJailbreak hackers? Or maybe all those retailers which bought all those overpriced PSJailbreak dongles?

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