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Upcoming Civilization V Promises Many Fixes & Big Changes

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More bug fixes are coming to Civilization V. An official post on their forums details all the fixes and changes. I’m not going to post the entire list here. Just some highlights!

  • Workers – Added option to force workers to ignore manually made improvements (so they don’t change what you decide was best for a plot).
  • Economy – Fixed bug where players could disband a single unit, and not see the economic return until disbanding 1 more.
  • Economy – Increased city wealth setting to 25%
  • Economy – Multiple fixes to the way trade-routes are tabulated and recognized.
  • Economy – Can now sell Buildings in a city (to help lower maintenance for obsolete buildings later in the game).

The ability to sell buildings is quite the game changer. Don’t need a barracks anymore? Gone. Now I can free up a bit of gold and lessen that Temple burden. The worker automation improvement will actually make automated workers viable for me. I never trusted the AI’s decisions which was why I never bothered with them in the first place. I learned this from Civ IV

No release date was posted, but I am looking forward to see these changes get implemented.

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