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NBA Elite 11 Canceled; I Finally Tried NBA 2K11

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ea-logo.pngEA Canada’s NBA Elite team must have fucked up really badly for this to have happened.

A month or so after the indefinite delay of NBA Elite 11, Electronic Arts finally announced the demise of this year’s installment/reboot of their basketball franchise.

And since EA Canada screwed up so badly, the franchise was removed from EA Canada’s care and moved to EA Tiburon in Orlando. Ouch. To top it off, they laid off a slew of unspecified employees — but it’s a safe bet that a majority of them were probably from the NBA Elite 11 team.

My brother have been basketball game fans for a long time; specifically the NBA LIVE series for its ease of play. Unfortunately, thanks to his affinity with the easy to pick up controls of EA’s series, we never gave the NBA 2K series a fair shake since the DreamCast days. (I never cared that much about sports games to pick them up.)

Now thanks to the delay/cancellation of NBA Elite 11 and a free rental coupon, we finally got a chance to try the highly rated NBA 2K11.

We both agree that it’s really, really good — excellent even. NBA Elite 12 will need to do a lot to win us over next year.

I guess this is what happens when you miss a year.

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