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Gran Turismo 5: Play Now? Or Wait?

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With plenty of talk of patches coming to GT5 from Gran Turismo creator, Yamauchi, I’m wondering if I should continue dipping into this game or wait for these patches to arrive?

Gran Turismo 5 has issues. Many of which will probably not be addressed until the arrival of Gran Turismo 6, but it looks like a fair bit of them will be addressed in the near future. I’d like to experience damage now and not 40 levels later. I’d also like to have a minimalistic HUD. And don’t get me started with the technical and graphical issues.

I’m very tempted to just shelf this game and move onto others and wait for these patches to arrive. In a way, I’ll be playing the game the way it should be. But what if I wait too long? In the worst case scenario, I’ll lose interest and trade in my copy.

It’s not like this game is doing anything that special anyways.

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