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New Tomb Raider Reboot Seems Promising

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There’s another Tomb Raider reboot in the works. One that sounds very promising!


The latest issue of Game Informer has the details, but if you’re like me and don’t pick up magazines, here are some of the highlights courtesy of NeoGAF’s SolidSnakex:

  • Lara is 21 in this game
  • It’s not only a reboot of the franchise but a reboot of the entire brand. As a result there will be no “real” Lara model this time.
  • They’re doing performance capturing with this game
  • There are brutal deaths in the game this time. One is described as a deranged man stabbing Lara in the chest and then closing her eyes after she’s dead. Another includes a boulder falling on her leg to trap her before another falls and crushes her head.
  • CD won’t talk specifics on weapons but concept art shows a bow, shotgun and pistol
  • The lock on targeting system is gone and it now has a free aim system. CD says that it can compete with any of their competitors.
  • “I think that the major difference between this game and the old is the concept of smoke and mirrors,” begins Darrell Gallagher, the studio head at Crystal Dynamics. “There was an illusion of freedom because of streaming and loading that would pop you out in a different location, but this is absolutely real. You can literally go any direction that you see and carve your own way to the finish line instead of being guide.”
  • “It was important in the game to not only deliver the character arc of Lara Croft emotionally, but to deliver it in gameplay as well so the player gets to grow into a hardened survivor,” says experienced director Noah Hughes. As the game unfolds, Lara will scavenge new tools and gear that augment her abilities. Lara’s athletic prowess will also evolve. Some areas begin inaccessible due to physical limitations or scarce supplies. With the right skills and gear, however, the island is Lara’s for the taking.
  • There are base camps in the game. Here you can combine items to create something new and access a skill system to upgrade Lara’s abilities. You’ll also be able to use base camps to fast travel to different locations to minimize backtracking.
  • You’ll need to gather food and water in order to survive
  • There are humans in the game, including some of the crew members from the shipwreck off the coast of the island.

What is this? An open world Metroid styled Tomb Raider game? And Lara’s head can be crushed by boulders? Sounds good to me. We need more games like this. Not the latter half; I can live without that. But more games like Batman: Arkham Asylum mixed with a bit of Metal Gear Solid 3.

This sounds very promising!

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