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Wii Zapper, Eat Your Heart Out.

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Finally. The Wii Zapper has some real competition.

This Guerrilla Games and Zipper developed peripheral will somehow help Killzone 3 become more accessible. Because everyone knows how to point a gun and move with an analog nub attached.

This isn’t a cheap peripheral either. The Sharpshooter will cost $40 on top of those PlayStation Move and Navigation controllers I haven’t purchased yet. Oh, and I’m also missing the PlayStation Eye. Talk about barrier to entry.

But at least it makes Killzone 3 more accessible, right?

I’ll tell you what. If you give me all that PlayStation Move money, I’ll teach you how to use a dual analog controller. Then you’ll be able to access hundreds of other games outside of the PlayStation domain.

That’s a much better deal.

P.S – Killzone 3 looks great!

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