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FYI: Portal 2 PS3 Details, FFXIII-2 Announced & FFvXIII Trailer

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Update: Now with English FFXIII-2 Trailer


Portal 2’s PS3 & Steam Details Revealed (via Edge)

  • Includes Steam support
  • Feature cloud-saving, but will not be able to continue progress using other platform’s save — they ran out of time to implement that
  • Features cross-platform chat
  • PS3 copy of Portal 2 will include free download of PC and Mac versions (after linking PSN and Steam accounts)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced (via Andriasang)

  • Direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII
  • Developed on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously
  • Coming in 2011 for Japan and “winter” for the rest of the world (possibly early 2012?)
  • Announcement trailer below

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Renamed to Final Fantasy Type-0 (via Andriasang)

  • Coming Summer 2011 for Japan
  • Spans 2 UMDs
  • New trailer below


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announcement Trailer

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer

Final Fantasy Type-0 Trailer

Portal 2 for PlayStation 3 just got a whole lot more interesting with that Steam support. The price of one game for three platforms is mighty attractive. But Valve a couple of questions unanswered such as:

  1. How will the stop people from buying the game, redeem the PC version and selling off the PlayStation 3 copy?
  2. If some kind permenant Steam and PSN account linking is required, will other accounts residing on the same console be able to play the game?

These two will determine whether or not I’ll pick up the PlayStation 3 version. It would have been a sure thing if there was PlayStation Move support though.

It’s already supporting Razer’s Sixense motion controllers so I don’t see why they couldn’t go with the Move support. Maybe they’ll announce something soon; a Portal 2 would influence me heavily into buying PlayStation Move.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was rumored for awhile, so I wasn’t surprised by the announcement. I was a bit surprised by the release date though. This game is going to come out before Final Fantasy Versus XIII? It was announced after and will be released before Final Fantasy Versus XIII. That has to put some pressure on the Versus team.

As for that 7 minute Versus trailer? I liked what I watched. Based on the trailers alone, it doesn’t seem to be the open world game that people were clamoring for, but I don’t mind. However, I will be most upset if people start claiming this game is more open than FFXIII based on footage like this. One thing to note: I did like the omission of the mini-map which gives the illusion of more freedom than there really is.

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