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Checkpoint: Solid State Edition

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I finally installed my OCZ Vertex 2 60GB solid state drive today. I thought it was going to be an easy install for my Antec Mini P180, but I ended spending 15 minutes figuring out how I was going to mount the drive.

I tried using the 2.5″ to 3.5″ mount included, but the screw holes did not line up to the case’s drive cage. I tried only mounting the two front screws, but the case screws were too thick. I had to think outside of the box — or more precisely — outside of the mount.

I ended up mounting the drive on the bottom rung and using only one screw. It worked and was quite secure thanks to how light these drives are.

ocz-vertex-2-60gb-mount-one-screw ocz-vertex-2-60gb-mount-top-view

Boot Times Improved

My methods weren’t very scientific. It involved a stop watch and a set of criteria as follows:

  1. Stopwatch was started as soon as the power button was pressed
  2. Stopwatch was paused as soon as the busy icon disappeared
  3. Password was entered and stopwatch was resumed as soon as I pressed “Enter”
  4. Stopwatch was stopped as soon as the busy icon disappeared

I tested my Western Digital WD360GD drive before I finally decommissioned it and then I tested my OCZ Vertex 2 60GB after installing most of the software I required.

 Boot Time
Western Digital WD360~58 seconds
OCZ Vertex 2 60GB~39 seconds

Quite the substantial difference. I bet if I had an UEFI based motherboard and didn’t have a logon screen, I’d have an even faster boot time.

Closer to Absolute Silence

Aside from performance improvements, the next noticeable benefit of a solid state drive is silence. My Western Digital drive was noticeably loud during boot up. I can hear the disk heads reading from 5 feet away. With my new drive? I can’t hear a thing except the slight hum of fans and the sound of disk heads seeking in my Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black.

No Regrets!

According to vague Windows Experience Index, my processor is the slowest rated component in my computer now. That’s fine by me. It’s about time that we can move away from mechanical drives and onto the flash fast lane. If only 320GB solid state drives were affordable. I’d take that and replace my Western Digital Caviar Black with it in a heart beat.

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