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Intel’s Sandy Bridge Chipsets Recalled

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intel_logo.pngIsn’t this a bit of a downer.

Intel announced that a small percentage of their new 6-series chipsets may contain a defect with their 3 Gb/s SATA ports. Users may experience performance degradation over time and/or lose connectivity altogether.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), this problem only affects the two out of the six available SATA ports on the chipset. If you’re like me, this wouldn’t affect me at all because I only use two SATA devices. Plus, most motherboards include a second set of SATA ports powered by a third party.

So if I had a 6-series motherboard, I wouldn’t be too worried. However, if I was going to build a new rig today, I would wait for this to all blow over. Hell, I’d just wait for the Z68 chipset regardless. It’s the one to get if you wanted to take advantage of all of Sandy Bridge’s features anyway.

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