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OCZ’s 32nm to 25nm Fiasco

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ocz-logoWe all know manufacturers shouldn’t lie to their customers. But if they were going to lie to their customers they shouldn’t lie to a specific slice of consumers and those people are enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts keep manufacturers honest and in the case of OCZ and their fiasco over the transition from 32nm NAND chips to 25nm NAND chips is no different.

People began noticing that their OCZ Vertex 2 60GB drives weren’t running to OCZ’s posted specs. After benchmarks and sleuthing, it was determined that not all Vertx 2 drives were created equally anymore.

Articles were written and reviews were conducted before OCZ finally fessed up and did what was right.

While we do have somewhat of a happy ending, I’m left wondering why OCZ did what they did. These people are enthusiasts you’re selling to. They are an enthusiast company. They must have known that the truth would have surfaced sooner or later. And since they’re focusing on solid state drives, I’m even more perplexed by this.

These are relatively expensive solid state drives, people are going to want what they paid for. Fortunately, it looks like my OCZ Vertex 2 60GB is fine. I bought mine in mid January which would have been one of the last 32nm NAND drives — talk about lucky.

With this little snafu and the Sandy Bridge issue, I’d hate to be the person who has to go through two RMA processes.

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