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FYI: iPad 2, BF3 Trailer, Skyward Sword Trailer & More



iPad 2 Officially Unveiled (via Apple.ca)

  • Available March 25th in Canada
  • $499.99 USD for 16GB Wi-Fi version
  • Dual-core 1 GHz A5 CPU
  • Faster GPU
  • Dual cameras
  • Unknown amount of RAM
  • Same screen resolution
  • 33% thinner & 15% lighter
  • iOS 4.3 coming March 11

Mario 3DS Title Teased (via NeoGAF)

  • Developed by Super Mario Galaxy team
  • 3D Mario akin to Super Mario 64 and not New Super Mario Bros.

Create Your Own Missions inFamous 2 (see trailer below)

  • User generated missions available
  • There is an option to enable or disable missions from populating your game


Battlefield 3 Fault Line Series Episode 1: Bad Part of Town

inFamous 2 User Generated Missions

Zelda: Skyward Sword GDC 2011

So here we are. Some “real” Battlefield 3 footage and iPad 2 news.┬áBut did we really get what we wanted today?

I certainly did not.

While the iPad 2 is nice, it certainly didn’t meet my expectations and thus I’ve decided to pass on it.

As for Battlefield 3? It looks great, but it didn’t show what I wanted to see which was the destruction and multiplayer side of the game. If EA said this was the sequel to last year’s Medal of Honor, I would have believed them. There’s certainly nothing tone-wise which distinguishes it from the rest of the modern military shooters out there.

I’m excited for the new 3DS Mario title from the Galaxy team. I’m really curious what these guys will come up with. As for Skyward Sword? I’m neutral. Nothing about the trailer was offensive, but it’s what they didn’t show that bothered me the most. Did they alter the underlying flow of the game at all? I’m guessing we’ll find that out in the coming months.

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