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FYI: Game Delays & Cancellations From Japan

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Yakuza: Of the End delayed indefinitely (via AndriaSang)

  • Zombie themed Yakuza game set in a ruined depiction of Tokyo
  • Sega cited delays due to “various¬†circumstances”
  • Nagoshi (creator) said it was delayed due to the post-earthquake state of Japan
Disaster Report 4 cancelled (via: AndriaSang)
  • Disaster theme game was bound for the PlayStation 3
  • Game started out with a major earthquake hitting a city
Japanese release of MotorStorm: Apocalypse delayed (via: AndriaSang)
  • Disaster themed racer exclusive to the PlayStation 3 delayed
Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV service suspended (via AndriaSang)
  • Both Square-Enix MMORPGs placed on hold to conserve power for at least a week
Metal Gear Online service suspended (via AndriaSang)
  • Service suspended indefinitely to conserve power

Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC characters delayed (via Siliconera)

  • Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath DLC characters were delayed in Japan only

Many of these actions are reminiscent of the post-9/11 reactions which saw games like Metal Gear Solid 2 and Grand Theft Auto III delayed (and receiving changes) while others like Propeller Arena being outright cancelled. The delays are understandable, but the cancellations are a bit drastic. Many of these titles started development years before their release and usually don’t intend to offend anyone. If the timing is in bad taste, then delay until the time is right.

Other actions like the suspensions of service are commendable. With Japan facing so many power problems, every little bit helps.

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