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Resident Evil: Revelations Is a Direct Sequel to RE5

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capcomlogoAccording to a piece in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Capcom is considering Resident Evil: Revelations a direct sequel to Resident Evil 5.

Even though this isn’t the first time we’ve seen direct sequels on handhelds (see Valkyria Chronicles and Final Fantasy XII), I’m still not keen on the idea of throwing sequels across different platforms — especially one that I don’t own yet.

However, that’s not the most damning aspect of the “direct sequel” quote. Capcom actually thought Resident Evil 5 was a survival horror game. If that’s their new definition of survival horror, Capcom and I have a bit of a problem.

Dead Space is survival horror. Resident Evil 5 was shooter with hampered controls. I hope Resident Evil: Revelations isn’t that. I hope Capcom gets their shooter action fix with the Resident Evil: Mercenaries spin-off and bring back the scary with Revelations.

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