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Captivate 2011 Media Bonanza

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The Captivate 2011 embargo lifted today resulting in a torrent of media and impressions. Here are some of the highlights.

Asura’s Wrath

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Remember Asura’s Wrath? That crazy over-the-top game Capcom revealed? Well here’s another trailer for it. You’ll really enjoy it if you like dudes with multiple arms and videos without gameplay.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

PlayStation 3, PC & Xbox 360
Q3 2011

This quick turnaround featuring Frank West piques my interest. Not because of Frank West, but because they could address the issues people have pointed out in the first Dead Rising 2. If I was going to pick it up, it would definitely be for the PC though.

Dragon’s Dogma

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, maybe PC
Early 2012

Looks like a mash up of Demon’s Souls and that Korean F2P MMO, Vindictus — except apparently it’s not an RPG. It looks like it will be an open world action game. And since it’s an MT Framework powered game, I’m hoping for a PC release.

Street Fighter X Tekken

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

You can watch the cinematic trailer or you can watch the gameplay video below. After reading these gameplay notes, my worries about fighter over saturation withdrew a bit.

Parting Thoughts

New franchises, new ideas and a bit of remix of the tried and true. Not too shabby, Capcom. If only any one of these would land in 2011 and not next year.

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